Sheri + Andrew have big hearts and big brains. Let’s just say that if the category of *Biology* ever came up in a round of Jeopardy, we’re pretty sure they won’t gaffe the Daily Double!

These two Arizona State, Biotechnology PhD students are madly in love and will cement their relationship in stone this August. Their story begins nine years ago, essentially during highschool, when Sheri asked Andrew to attend her semi-formal. We could easily say the rest is *history*, but that would be glossing over some pretty informative years of studying, moving, researching, etc. After completing their undergrads {both in Biology} at Lakehead U, they found themselves pursuing additional higher learning at the University of Toronto where they each completed their Masters. And if that weren’t enough punishment {for those of you itching to get out of school}, their path led them to Scottsdale, Arizona where they are completing their own independent research to culminate in their respective dissertations. Phew. Big brains. Big hearts!

In their downtime, you might find them at Home Depot snatching up materials for rennos on their recently purchased home… Self-described as *low-key*, Sheri + Andrew are connected in life through their own pursuit of higher learning and through the deep love and mutual respect they have for each other. For their engagement session, we opted for a place with meaning and headed out to L.U. It proved to be the perfect place for some winter frolicking and photo snapping.

Sheri + Andrew: we’re stoked to work with you this summer. Thank you for being such good sports on our snowy e-session day. Hope you enjoy this sneak peek of imagery… and Happy New Year!

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