Our poor, neglected, lonesome blog. Fret not, little one. We’ve lifted the 6-week long blogging embargo and are finally back. Our excuses are many, namely life getting {happily} in the way and our focus being on family after an insanely busy 2010. But this post is not about us per se: it’s about you, and the possibilities that lie just ahead of our camera lens.

Speaking of possibilities, when planning your wedding one of the most critical decisions you make will be your photographer. Trust us on this one — it is a decision that will have a lifelong impact on your story for years to come! When we were married nine years ago in Costa Rica, we were naively much more concerned with logistics of the resort, who would preside over the ceremony and of course our guests… all important details. But while we did hire a photographer we clearly did not do our homework and the end result was nary a photo that we liked. To this day there is no album to show our daughters… just a few cute but non-professional images taken by family members. {Note: one of the most influential deciding factors for creating Bliss Pictures and tailoring our photography offerings exclusively to suit the wedding industry was directly related to our own experience or rather lack thereof on our wedding day!}

So consider this blog entry our public service message to all newly engaged’s out there: make an investment in a photographer {and cinematographer} that you believe can best represent the love you share and your values. It may not be us or even the next guy… just do your homework because there’s really no dress rehearsal for your wedding day imagery.

But I digress! Here is a couple that DID do their homework and to our good fortune, booked their October wedding with Bliss Pictures. Autumn + Chris were all about the meaningful personal touches and to this day we are still in awe of this bride’s ethereal beauty. Her dress was handmade jointly by she and her mom. Her bouquet was of stunning antique brooches and had to have weighed easily more than ten pounds! By contrast, Autumn’s wedding party carried bouquets of feathers… another homemade touch.

And so for this couple who fell in love through a fortuitous introduction in Toronto, their wedding day went off without a hitch. There was plenty of guinness flowing at their Valhalla Inn reception {decorated by the talented April of Silk + Cedar} as was illustrated by the spontaneous erruption of Ukrainian Dancing in tribute to their love. Perhaps the one detail that remains most memorable was our couple’s creative strategy for having their guests convince them to kiss. Oh “Mad Lib”, you never fail to leave us in stitches! For those of you considering this game and feeling simultaneously confident that your guests will go easy on you, consider this your fair warning!

Autumn + Chris: congratulations again on your marriage… and thank you for including us in your Big Day. You did your homework and we hope you feel it paid off. xo — Alvis, Sam + Melissa

Dana: Absolutely LOVE the shot of her lying down with her feet up...love love love! I also love her bouquet and her dress...and a lot of other things! Haven't seen you guys in a while! Let's all bump into each other one of these Saturdays ;) 07.07.2011

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