Sometimes we’re asked if the stories ever get old. In fact, very recently I was asked point blank: “Dude! How can you not be cynical yet? You know 50% of all these couples aren’t gonna make it!” But to the naysayers, I shrug my shoulders and confess that this *dude* is a romantic at heart. The sappier, the better, I say. And as for whirlwind romances? Bring them on. The camera loves love no matter how it came to be.

So that was my lead in to the story of Jen + Nick. A couple with a distinct amount of sass and presently involved in their own version of the quintessential whirlwind romance. Nick + Jen live in Ottawa and are returning to the Bay to cement their relationship in stone in just 11 days {we’re counting right down with you, guys!}. Technically they first met back in high school {“I was much too shy to go talk to him since he was so cute!”} and finally managed to exchange words during a chance encounter over yearbook photos in the cafeteria. But that was 1999 and their story only really begins in 2007.

So what gives?!! {Yes, we wanted to know, too!}

Well, along came this nifty little social networking tool that drifted into Jen’s world. It was 2007 and within an hour of reluctantly creating her very own Facebook account, she received a message from Nick saying “hey! I’m back in town and having a BBQ!” And who doesn’t love a good BBQ?! As luck would have it, the weather turned sour and that BBQ ultimately turned into the discovery of their mutual love for sambuca shooters at Jack’s. {insert a little giggle. had another couple last year that came together over a mutual passion for tequila shots.} At any rate, it wasn’t too long into their casual dating that Jen + Nick discovered they were pretty much inseparable. Never an awkward moment or a lull in the conversation, they could sit and yack all night. It was almost as though they they had been best friends their whole lives.

Here’s our fave part of their story… Having only been seriously dating for 3 weeks, Nick was offered a job he couldn’t refuse in Ottawa and asked Jen to come with him. She took that giant leap of faith, left TBay and has never looked back. Some would say that was crazy! We say AWESOME. Because sometimes you just have to leap and the net will appear. Two years ago Nick proposed to Jen at the beautiful market place restaurant in Ottawa, *Vittoria Trattoria*. She was completely unaware of his plans and when he casually asked if there was anything she’d like to see change in their relationship, all that came to mind was him putting his clothes in the hamper instead of leaving them all over the place. But alas her answer was, “nope! Things are perfect.” To which he responded, “well, what if things were to change and you’d be my wife?” Naturally the ring came out and jubilant yes’s ensued.

And so to all the Facebook haters out there; take it from us. You just never know who you might bump into again. For Jen + Nick, that crazy {and sometimes annoying} social media tool turned out to be the best version of cupid they could ask for.

Jen + Nick, hope you enjoy these images from your E-session in Ottawa this past May. Thanks for all your patience, and we cannot wait to roll up our sleeves and lay out the framework for documenting your wedding. Oh, and Jen, Sam says “Remain calm. It will all get done!” — Congrats from Alvis, Sam + Melissa

Valerie Cvar: The photos are amazing! You guys look great! Relaxed and glamorous all in one! Beautiful! 06.07.2011

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