Someone once said, “when true love comes, it is like flying upon wings above all else on the ground.” Wish we could properly credit the astute individual who came up with this… for sure it applies to WestJet pilot Mike and his beautiful bride, Jenna. Their July 2nd wedding could not have been any hotter… nor any lovelier. So many gorgeous touches woven into their Nor’Wester Reception and oh so many images to choose from.

Mike + Jenna *front-loaded* their photography session. This is a rather new trend in our industry, but one we think is way cool and totally conducive to low-stress, fun-filled, multi-location shooting. Even before they walked down the aisle, the Bliss team spent three hours clicking away at various different sites…. from a hangar at the airport, to a field filled with lupins to PACI. What it meant was breathing a collective sigh of relief prior to exchanging vows, and knowing they could concentrate fully on the step they were about to take. Front-loading is not a strategy for everyone; but if you can time it appropriately with your other vendors it sure allows us a bucket-load more time to get you all those shots you’ve been dreaming about.

To say this couple has been waiting patiently is an understatement. Mike + Jenna, we thank you for your patience and wish you a lifetime of flying high! p.s. Sam swears that if she would have flown WestJet last week her luggage would not have gone missing!!! {can you guess who the culprit might have been? lol} xo from the Bliss Team {Alvis, Sam + Melissa}

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