Now here is a woman with an eye and a brain for details.  One such detail?  Precise timing from first date to walk down the aisle {3,785 days, 20 hours, 29 minutes and 16 seconds}.  The mere fact she was able to calculate on such precision blows our minds.

And what if you are too lazy to do the math?  Alright, we cave.  They’ve been together since 1999.

Tana + Steve came into our lives nearly two years ago, and at the time of their booking I recall thinking that 2009 seemed oh-so-far-away. But somehow, time has marched on, and this past Saturday on the 8th day of the 8th month of the 2009th year — Tana + Steve got hitched. Every single aspect of their wedding was meticulously thought out, so that in fact there were no details that didn’t have some sort of special meaning.  Even their wedding date {and forever and ever… Anniversary Date!} was deliberately chosen for its close proximity to their engagement date {August 6th} and another significant number, Steve’s ‘89 Mustang.

At any rate, the day was pretty incredible and amazingly enough, the rain also held off.  The wedding party was relaxed and hip to just about everything we suggested.  And the coolest part of the day was spent at a private residence boasting the most nirvana-like Japanese garden we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Tana + Steve: thank you for being you.  !!  Thanks for entrusting us with your memories.  Thanks for hanging in there while we went through our little health scare.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness and cannot wait to hear how the next 10 years unfold!!!

Alvis + Sam













Sara Peters: Alvi... You are the bomb! These are great, I can hardly wait to see the rest! Congrats again Tana & Steve! -Sara 08.11.2009

Lainie: Awesome pictures!! I was watching you throughout the day/night - you really paid attention to all the details! Great photography! 08.11.2009

Saara Pieda: A...M...A...Z...I...N...G... Enough said. 08.13.2009

admin: Thanks for all the kind words everyone! If I could clone me I would put more up... was such a wicked day. Keep checking back for additional updates. :) 08.14.2009

Michele D'Arienzo: What a great selection of pictures so far!! We have soo many more to look at!! I think we can all agree that Bliss should be so greatful to have Alvi! He did a wonderful job! Again, congrats to Tana and Steve on your wedding day! So glad that everything went so smoothly!! :D Love you!! MwAh! 08.15.2009

Sara Coulouris: Coming from someone who knows this wonderful bunch of people you've captured thier personality, style, and grace! Cheers to a job well done ! - Sara C 08.16.2009

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Joey: .... áëàãîäàðþ!!... 11.16.2014

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