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He Said {random thoughts about Sam}

Pro-act. Heart on buy custom essays sleeve. Honesty. Communication. Talk it out. Doer and seeker. List-making. Goal achieving. Risk taking. Decision maker. Achiever. Mountains. Adventure. Pushing boundaries. Never settling for second best. Messy but organized. Intense and dramatic! Wistful. Compassionate. Wordsmith-er extraordinaire. Fear of being ordinary. Hates closed spaces. Wishing for calm and quiet. Encourager. Giving people a chance. Taking a chance. Scatter-brained. Looking for: lost keys, blackberry, lists. Change is good. Mix of insecurities and confidence. Optimist. Seer of potential. Now professional custom writing vs later. Sensitive and soft. Emotional. Pursuer of Arts. Gardener. Runner. Climber. Worrier. Amazing mommy. Strict. Disciplinarian. Total disdain for holier-than-thou attitudes. Sleepless. Snooze-hitter. Dreams of balance. Capricorn.


She Said {random thoughts about Alvis}

Creator. Right of centre. Non-symmetry. Odd. MAC lover. Honest. Integrity. Thinks differently. Seeker of perfection. Uninhibited. Down to earth. Compassionate. Simplicity. Colour. Texture. Dicotemy. Emotional. JFK assassination theories. Always present for the sacred moments. Gratitude for life. Gratitude for technology, science, medicine. Gratitude for family. *Truthiness*. Waste not want not. Engineer. Multi-gifted. Teacher to our girls. Explorer of worldly cultures. Alley-cat. Humourous. Snowboarding. Sailing. Travelling. Wistful dreaming of newly-released Canon bodies and lenses. Giver. Tailored not sloppy. Spiritual not religious. Peace not war. Diversity not uniformity. Humble. Salesman. Talker and listener. Cigar and wine aficionado. Monster-slayer and bad-dream chaser. Scorpio.











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