Tequila. It’s either the great matchmaker in life, or, the very thing that ensures you NEVER over-indulge again. It’s a love it or hate it-type deal. We suspect in the case of Alisa + Mark, this particular bevvy is the former, as it quite literally is responsible for bringing these two goofballs together forever.

And what happens when said head-over-heels in love goofballs get together with one enthusiastic wedding party? A photo shoot that borders on an illegal dose of crazy. Crazy, I tell you! Such was the case for the vivacious Alisa and her dapper groom Mark this past August 14th. What we are about to show you illuminates the essence of their relationship and personalities: carefree, a lot of *sass*, unhurried, genuine, warm. Alisa, you were a stunning vision reminiscent of what we would call *vintage New York*. With that in mind, in our post-wedding discussions we opted to give your shots that very flavour in the editing room, wanting to create a sense of something timeless and lasting.

But back to our friend, Tequila. {Oh tequila: how we hope to never come across again you ourselves… but that is another tale that is already close to 20 years old!} We love this story because it’s just so raw and fresh… no hint of anything pretentious or embellished for the purpose of entertainment. A girl and a guy and a chance encounter with some gold stuff. Alisa — who has been said by her peers to put tequila in her cereal — found herself at a New Year’s party hosted by future hubby Mark and vowed to keep the drinking to a minimum so as to remain dignified and completely in control. Ahh the best laid plans. Eventually Mark pulled out the tequila and before long Alisa’s strategy evolved into a “I’ll show him what I can do!”: sans lemon or salt she took a shot and did not even bat an eye. This dazzling effort impressed everyone in the room and marked the start of a New Year and a new relationship. {Sidebar: although they also had a whiskey gargling contest, it is worth noting Alisa only came in *second* for this competition. !!!??!!}

So folks, the next time you grimace at that bottle of tequila, don’t discount its power. You just never know who may be watching and falling in love at that very moment.

Shout-outs to the White Fox for hosting their gorgeous tent wedding; to Maggie’s Magicals for her always tasty feast for the eyes; to Rollason’s for creating the incredible bridal bouquets; to Maverick for hosting one kick-ass, rock-and-roll dance party. Alisa + Mark: you’ve been incredibly patient and we thank you for that. If we could bottle up your boundless energy and sell it we could retire. It was an absolute blast working with you and I personally can’t wait until you see all your images. Very difficult to whittle it down to just a few of our faves {if you weren’t so darn photogenic!!}. Please enjoy! –xo Alvis, Sam + Melissa

alisa and mark: Whoa, these are so amazing! They are exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much Alvis + team! You guys really out did yourselves. Fantastic! Amazing! !! 10.03.2010

admin: Thanks guys! There are simply far too many shots to choose from. You've been ueber patient. Cannot wait for you to see the whole package. Hope married life is GRAND! 10.03.2010

JO AND NATE: Way to go Alvy you did it again, not only did you take some spectacular pictures but you made Alisa and Mark show off their personalities like no other. You take the ordinary and turn it to extraordinary, truly a one of a kind photographer. Bravo! 10.03.2010

Cheryl: So worth the 5.5 hours of dial-up internet waiting time it took to download them all but I just couldn't wait until Monday! Awesome shots Alvin! 10.03.2010

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