Old man winter: you can pack your bags and get the he** out… We’re no longer fans! Twice in the last month you single-handedly initiated annoying car accidents with our new Kia Soul and on the most frigid days of the year to boot, one of which during our shoot with clients Ali + Mike. Good times, good times. Thankfully, this fun-loving and extremely patient couple rolled with the punches {just like our car! bahahahahaaaa} and wound up with not one but two engagement shoots {both during extreme cold temps!}.

So here we are, delighted to showcase the love shared between Ali + Mike, whom we observe love life, laughing and each other to pieces. And in case you’re wondering, never doubt where you might bump into your future significant other. For these two that happened to be the emergency room at the hospital… and now they’re tying the proverbial knot July 30th! We’re confident Ali + Mike’s wedding day will be beautiful, emotional and most notably car-accident-free. For their specific e-session, they wanted simplicity and beauty… a walk in the city; a walk in the park. Their imagery is one-part urban and one-part nature which reflects both sides of their carefree personalities.

Guys, here’s your sneak peek and once again, God bless for just rolling with the punches. If you can get through your married life with the same sort of mantra, it will be a long, fulfilling and happy one {at least that’s been our experience in our first nine years of marriage!}. Warmest wishes, Alvis {along with Sam + Melissa in the editing room}.

And now to their city-scape e-session… hangin’ out on Bay St.

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