Lia + Tony’s first official date was a lovely lunch at Gargoyle’s; only unlike most, it ended with a whopping $300 parking ticket! Seeing the hilarity in it, the two shrugged it off and one year later it was a laminated reminder of that fateful day! Lia first realized she was truly in love with her soccer-playing, music-appreciating Tony when she walked into his spotless house and realized he did not own a microwave! Tony was a keeper, and as it would turn out, a goner. The two equate the success of their relationship to their shared approach to life: honouring each other’s morals and values, finding balance in religion and keeping their respective identities alive. We were thrilled to have captured their day last Fall and wish them nothing but the best! {a big hug and congrats on the birth of your new little one, too!} –xo Alvis, Melissa + Sam

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