Hello loyal blogstalkers {and welcome to any new visitors}.  After a several week hiatus we are back… well, back in the virtual sense. Today’s report is coming to you direct from YYZ enroute home to YQT!  The trip to Fort McMurray/Edmonton was fabulous… did a world of good I’m happy to report.  In random order, here is a quick catch-up… 

Being M.I.A. [Where did we go??]

There comes a time in everyone’s life when “regrouping” is — in the words of homemaker icon, Martha Stewart — a “Good Thing.” So the past few weeks were all about regrouping.  Amidst the chaos of our 6-wedding August, life happened, constituting a need to regroup.  Alvi was called back home to Sudbury for a family funeral and I was pulled away out west on other business.  Funny how life works… a last-minute wedding cancellation we were bemoaning a few months ago ultimately ensured we were available and able to participate in both important situations.  It is so true what they say, “everything happens for a reason.”  

This time we spent apart, him in the ‘Bury and me in Alberta, gave us each a chance to step back and reflect on where we’re heading both as a family and in the context of this budding boutique business we call Bliss.  In the spirit of transparency, I thought I’d share some of our observations with you. Take it or leave it — but it comes from the heart.

Observations from the Deck

Observation #1)  We are going to have to hire additional staff for Bliss.  The past two years have seen rampant growth, and while that is really awesome, we’ve found it a challenge to keep up with demands.  So like it or not, we’re taking the plunge and looking for some assistance.  Stay tuned for future posts as we introduce you to some fresh new faces of Bliss.  

Observation #2)  Life is far too short to work every single weekend every summer that comes along.  For this reason, we will be carving out the appropriate amount of weekends *off* from May through October to ensure that we can build in time as a family. As one of our clients recently put it, “isn’t that really what life is all about?  Spending time with the family?”  We’ll be better for it; our kids will be better for it; our clients will be better off, since we’ll be so balanced and rested!!!

Observation #3) Countdown tickers rock.  57 days ago I installed one on our splash page announcing our upcoming Spring Bling Promo.  Thanks to the ticker’s incessant ticking, I am now aware that tomorrow is THE day!!!  Stay tuned for the big promo announcement. 

Observation #4) Direct advice from near strangers is sometimes more meaningful than from those who are closest to the action. My time in Fort McMurray was spent with a national focus group where we surmised and strategized all things life insurance-related {I’m currently President of a family-run insurance practice}.  Ordinarily, this Focus Group is comprised of all the *older folk*, including my favourite partner/father: dad.  But this time around, again… for whatever reason… it was decided that I should attend.  Let’s call it fate.  I’m ever so grateful as it gave me some much-needed perspective and I now have a game-plan in place. Funny how Bliss Pictures made it to the agenda in a room full of insurance-legends.  Thank you to Randy, Jim, Mike and Gord for your candour and pointed advice. {See Observation #1). 

Observation #5) We all have the power to achieve greatness.  Hard to believe this little nugget comes out of a tour of the Suncor Oil Sands. Now understand that I never pretend to be anything other than a *girlie-girl*.  So imagine my excitement when I learned we’d be spending 4 hours on a bus touring through an oil plant up in northern Fort McMurray.  First thought: Yippee. Second thought: Charge up the iPod!  Yet in a dramatic twist I was quite blown away.  The vision that had to go into planning an organization and infrastructure of that magnitude must have been nothing short of genius.  The end result?  If some random human being can dream that big, why can’t we all?    

On “Time” + “Where it Goes”

How is it possible that summer is virtually over?  How is it possible that this little company has grown so dramatically in the last two years? How is it possible that tomorrow our little girl starts her full-time school career in grade one?  How can it be that we’ve been in Thunder Bay more than five years?  How can it be that Alvi and I have been together 11 years?  How on earth have I arrived at the point in time where I am soon done with changing diapers forever?  Where have all the years gone???!!!

I am coming to learn that there are only two things we ultimately have control over in life: the first is our own attitude and perspective on all that happens in life; and the second is how we choose to spend our time.  As a direct reaction to realizing that I’ve already lived 35 years on this planet, I will henceforth be extremely picky with how I spend my time.

People I Cannot Wait to See

A picture will always make a post more interesting but alas I am limited to this MAC’s overloaded hard-drive.  This is what I’ve got… couple of wee pics of the people waiting for me when I get home.





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