She’s only three but she’s indeed my little muse. Yuppers. Saffron Belle. a.k.a. *Saffy*. And in case you were wondering, our eldest daughter Piper was in a real princess phase at the time of her wee sister’s arrival… she had the honourable task of coming up with the middle name. We think it is possibly fitting since Saffy also happens to be so cute {guilty as charged: totally biased parents!}

We’ve been away for a few weeks taking some time out of the frenetic wedding schedule to create precious family memories. Actually, it was a last minute wedding cancellation that enabled us to log over 5,000 km in the family car… travelling down to Chicago, through Ohio, up to Niagara, Toronto, Sudbury and back. While the primary purpose of our trip was to bask in the glory of our two little monkies {who, by the way, never ever fight lol}, we also had the honour of shooting several of our client couples who live down south. And while we look forward to posting some really unique work from our clients, this blog is reserved exclusively for those who want their own little dose of inspiration by way of some extremely cute kid pics.

Since we rarely post anything personal on here, a few tidbits about Saffy. And truly, to know her is to love her.

loving. worships her big sister Piper. couldn’t say Piper so calls her Po-Po. obsessed with the Cars movie franchise. obsessed with how things work. a little bit cross-eyed. favourite funny face automatically includes growling sounds. only fruit + veggies in her palette are peas, carrots, apples, strawberries. loves pizza. likes to feel the wind her in face. loves her grampa. loves doggies. wants a doggie. has to do everything by herself. cannot pronounce her “l” sound. as result, her fave colours blue + black come out sounding like b-yew and b-yack. going through what we call her “Stewart phase” {the dude from Mad TV who constantly shows off with a “look what I can do!”}. can sing nearly any song on key. has a pink blankey she calls *Buddy*. wants to be a helicopter when she grows up {that’s right… the actual flying machine, not the pilot}. loves to say “I wuv you”.

Saffy, we wuv you too. This post is dedicated to you, our second little peanut. It’s about time you had a moment in the sun and these pictures capture literally such a beautiful moment of you in the sun on our way home from the Great Road Trip 2011. Circa Agawa Bay, Lake Superior.

p.s. she's not crying here. she's growling like a tiger. yup.

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